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Ep.30 – 8 Laws of Change Part 4

On today’s episode of the woke podcast, we take a look at Law 7 and 8 of The 8 Laws of Change by Steph A. Schwartz. This is a book that I recently come across that I found to be very constructive. I highly recommend that you pick up the book or search for Mr. Schwartz information online. I’m going to give a brief introduction and we will hear from Mr. Schwartz during this podcast. This part 4 of a 4 part series on the 8 laws of change. Be sure to Check out the other episodes of the series, Subscribe! , and share with someone you care about.

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Ep. 16 – The Importance of Controlling Your Own Narrative 👣💼🎱

In this episode of #Wokepodcast ,I chop it up with my good friend BKE.We discussed the importance of controlling your own narrative.In a society that loves the place individuals in boxes, it is very important we craft our thoughts, speech, actions, emotional responses, and perceptions in the most constructive ways as possible. When we do not do this, it gives other people the ability to do it for us.So, enjoy this discussion between me and my good friend. Be sure to think about how you craft your own narrative.

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Ep.15 – Mohammed Speaks👊🏾🎤🔥

Mohammed S. Luwemba is a graduate of Wayne State University in Detroit Michigan where he attained his bachelors in Political Science. In 2013 Mr. Luwemba graduated from John Marshall Law School in Atlanta Georgia. Over the past fifteen years Mohammed has used his education & organizing ability to attack the socioeconomic issues effecting Black male youth via starting several leadership programs in juvenile facilities, and the community.   

Currently Mohammed is a Criminal Defense Attorney in Atlanta, the chairman of the National Black Operations Business Association which is the parent company (Elite Brother™ /Elite Sister™ brand, Our Law Media, and the executive director of Elite Brother Inc. Mohammed is also currently working on a documentary/initiative titled “Don’t Go to Prison” & an initiative by the same name which will act as a deterrent for male and female youth within the urban community to steer them away from the prison system.

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Ep. 10 – Coon Hunting 🔫🤑😈

On today’s episode, we look at the notion of coons. Which are individuals who practice inappropriate behavior when it comes to understanding the plight of black people in the world. Often times, coons are confused individuals who provide rhetoric that is counterproductive to empowerment, pride, and enlightenment for Black people. We’ll briefly discuss why coons are prevalent in media and how we should conduct ourselves when we have encounters with coons.

SWP YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZoMFgzyIZYs

Brother Polite Interview – https://youtu.be/jR5ClzJ6Gpk


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Ep.15 – Mohammed Speaks👊🏾🎤🔥

Mohammed S. Luwemba is a graduate of Wayne State University in Detroit Michigan where he attained his bachelors in Political Science. In 2013 Mr. Luwemba graduated from John Marshall Law School in Atlanta Georgia.While in college Mr. Luwemba started an event titled the State of the Black Youth Convention which he produced for 8 consecutive years. The convention addressed socioeconomic issues effecting Black youth throughout the United States, and included guest speakers such as ICE T, Spike Lee, Afeni Shakur, John Singleton and Dr. Michael Eric Dyson. As a result of the convention, Mr. Luwemba began getting requests to speak to various youth groups in juvenile facilities and group homes throughout Detroit about political/socioeconomic empowerment. Mohammed also began making strategic partnerships with other grassroots organizers within Detroit who wanted to partner with Mohammed and the the National Black Operations Business Association, a community based investment firm Mohammed started in 1999 for the purpose of creating a foundation of economic empowerment within the Black community. Five years later he started Elite Brother Inc, a non-profit organization with the purpose of reclaiming the image of the Black male, and turning Black boys into Black men one brother at a time.
Mohammed has worked as a Counselor, Treatment Specialist, Case Manager, and volunteer for the past fifteen years in juvenile facilities and the juvenile justice system from Detroit to Atlanta, and has helped dozens of Black male youth transition from incarceration to freedom in a productive manner. http://www.mohammedluwemba.com/

Resources From the Episode

Dr. Amos Wilson – http://www.afrikanworldinfosystems.com/


Don’t Go to Prison Documentary ~ Coming Soon https://www.gofundme.com/dont-go-to-prison-initiative

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