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Ep. 11- Black Women’s Milk is Revolutionary💁🏾🍼✊🏾

About Jasmine Boudah
Jasmine is a vision driven mother and young working professional who is eager to provide the best start for as many children as possible. As a former public school educator, she sought to empower parents living in impoverished neighborhoods similar to the ones in which she was born and raised in both Detroit and Chicago. Social justice, parent education, breastfeeding, women’s birthing education and rights, and early literacy foundations are her passions. She would like to leave the world in better shape by spreading knowledge and revolutionary love as well as working alongside community members to create the change we’ve been waiting for. Jasmine wholeheartedly believes change needs to happen systematically, but it is imperative that we work together to create the change we would like to see for future generations.

Twitter: @BlackLotusMa
Email: ubuntuminneapolis@gmail.com


  1. I went through post postpartum depression during breast feeding and my doctor advised me to stop breast feeding which I did. I was crying while breast feeding. I decided it wasn’t best for my mental health.

    • UniversalJones

      December 3, 2016 at 8:08 pm

      Thanks for sharing Grace. It amazes me the amount of energy and stress that goes into being mothers from conception. I hope you received the help you needed. Thanks for being the person you are.

  2. I love the idea of black breastfeeding being revolutionary and having black women teaching other black women about breastfeeding and birth, so thank you for having this conversation! I was really disappointed, however, to hear Jasmine essentially say that the only whole family is that in which there is a man and a woman, and then to hear Brandon agree. She acknowledges a little bit that she’s received some criticism over that, but both of you pretty much breezed over her invalidation of families with same-sex parents.

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