Qiana Hicks is a mother, a college graduate, a career professional, and an author. I was born in Gary, Indiana, and raised in a single-parent home, for the most part. Her parents were drug and alcohol addicts, and her father spent most of his youth in prison. Ms. Hicks grew up living with an older brother and a younger sister. 

Ms.Hicks’ MISSION IS TO HELP OTHERS WHO ARE DEALING WITH SIMILAR CIRCUMSTANCES – Coming from a single parent, disadvantaged household, she can relate to others who live in those conditions. She can also relate to growing up in an impoverished environment, where resources are scarce. All the while, she dreamed of one day having a better life. She became a mother at an early age, and most people had already counted me out as never becoming a contributing member of society. If her past experiences and how she applied them to making a better life for her son and her can inspire and motivate others, she believe her book can help you on your mission for helping others.